The Standard Songbook

This interactive and entertaining show introduces your students to music concepts through songs and stories. Students will see musical versions of fables and learn music vocabulary including rhythm, tempo, melody and lyrics.

“It was one of the best programs I have seen at our school in 20 years. Very well. done.” – Teacher, Grantosa School


Fall Touring Show: TBA

Age level: Grades 1 – 3

Length: 40 minutes including a short question and answer session after the show.

Teaching Materials: Curriculum Guides are available online to prepare students before the show and to extend the learning afterwards. Teachers will receive a CD of songs from this year’s production.

To schedule a performance and discuss pricing for schools, libraries or public venues contact: Amanda Marquardt, Education Manager (414) 299-4952


This tour is free for MPS schools.


A Story from this year’s Performance:

Way to go Skylight Music Co.! You made one of my kids cry.
Not only cry, but blubber hysterically!

Okay, let me explain… When all of the students were back in their classrooms after the Songbook performance, one of our adorable K-5 boys, Brett, was crying uncontrollably. His teacher thought perhaps he was hurt. Nope. Perhaps someone said something really mean to him. Nope! When she was finally able to get him to communicate it was revealed that the source of his distress was, get this, because he was “so sad that the concert is over and I am going to miss them. I don’t want them to go.” The teacher had her student teacher take Brett to the gym where the performers were packing up. He was still crying. The student teacher got Brett to tell the performers what was wrong. Needless to say, they were touched!

Once again, another wonderful program from the Skylight Music Theatre. The kids just loved it! The expressions on their adorable faces said it all. The performers were outstanding as usual. They had such a great rapport with the kids that kept them all engaged throughout the entire performance.

I just can’t thank you all enough for the wonderful opportunities you have granted our students here at Manitoba School. High quality, live performances would normally be out of financial reach for our kids and our school. We are so grateful for the exposure to the beauty and joy of musical theater you have given them.

Please share this email with all responsible for the Songbook program coming to Manitoba School!

Donna Dudenhoefer
Manitoba School

 Quotes about The Standard Songbook from our Teacher Survey:

“I think the Standard Songbook Tour offers students’ exposure to theater arts that they might not otherwise get. As for me, it reminds me how impactful song and dance is to education.” — Teacher at Milwaukee Spanish Immersion School

“The show gave students the opportunity to learn about music in a different way. The visual and kinesthetic approach helps reach the students who may not understand some of the ideas if they taught in a traditional setting.” —  Teacher at Grant School

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