Skylight Music Theatre presents El Cimarrón

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Audience Guide

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Skylight Music Theatre presents…

El Cimarrón

Composed by Hans Werner Henze
Text from book by Miguel Barnet
Libretto by Hans Magnus Enzensberger
English Translation by Christopher Keene

Synopsis Summary

Skylight is immensely proud to produce Hans Werner Henze’s theatre piece El Cimarrón. Subtitled “Biography of the Runaway Slave Esteban Montejo,” it is a work that fits perfectly in their season’s conversation about freedom and revolution. Slavery is a very difficult aspect of humanity, but it is an important and pivotal part of our history. El Cimarrón is a powerful work that will leave audiences forever changed.


TALKBACKS: Join us as we explore the background and messages surrounding El Cimarrón! There will be a pre-show talk in the bar one hour before the show, and a post-show 15-minute discussion in the Studio Theatre after every performance.

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Who’s Who

Directors & Designers

Stage Director Eugenia Arsenis
Music Director Viswa Subbaraman
Assistant Director Daniel J. Brylow
Assistant Music Director Anne van Deusen
Scenic Designer Lisa Schlenker
Costume Coordinator Shima Orans
Lighting Designer Noele Stollmack


Character Actor
Esteban Montejo Eric McKeever