Skylight Music Theatre presents Hair

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Audience Guide

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Skylight Music Theatre presents…


Music by Galt MacDermot
Lyrics and book by James Rado and Gerome Ragni

Synopsis Summary

It’s the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, and Skylight couldn’t be more excited to close this historic season with Hair. This Tony Award-winning musical captures the spirit of the 60s hippie movement through the interactions of “the tribe”. Ground-breaking in many ways, from its rock and roll score to its multi-racial cast, Hair took on such themes as pacifism, race, drug use and yes, nudity.

This show contains mature themes and brief nudity. For those reasons we do not recommend this show for anyone younger than high school age.

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Who’s Who

Directors & Designers

Stage Director Ray Jivoff
Music Director Viswa Subbaraman
Scenic Designer Lisa Schlenker
Costume Designer Shima Orans
Choreographer Jeremy McQueen
Lighting Designer Kurt Schnabel
Sound Designer Gary Ellis


Character Actor
Berger Alex Mace
Woof Ryan Cappleman
Claude Doug Clemons
Sheila Alison Mary Forbes
Crissy Katherine Duffy
Dionne Raven Dockery
Hud Sherrick Robinson
Steve Jacob Bach
Jeanie Amber Smith
Monte Henning
TRIBE Cleary Breunig
TRIBE Bria Cloyd
TRIBE Kelly Doherty
TRIBE Shawn Holmes
TRIBE Mara McGhee
TRIBE Sally Staats
TRIBE Stephanie Staszak
TRIBE Gina Weber
TRIBE Zachary Thomas Woods
TRIBE Matt Zeman