Skylight Music Theatre presents The Rivals

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Audience Guide

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Skylight Music Theatre presents…

The Rivals

Music & Libretto by Kirke Mechem
Directed by Dorothy Danner
Conducted by Richard Carsey


Synopsis Summary

A WORLD PREMIERE will kick off Skylight’s new season when we unveil Kirke Mechem’s The Rivals. Loosely based on Sheridan’s play of the same name, this comic opera is set in Newport, Rhode Island around the turn of the 20th century. An American heiress falls hopelessly in love with a composer and longs for living in “charming poverty.” Her aunt, the infamous Mrs. Malaprop, has more traditional aspirations for her and arranges a marriage with a rich and dashing British Naval Captain. As the rival lovers prepare to duel for the heiress’ hand in marriage, there is a twist that sends things spiraling into hilarity.

Kirke Mechem (b. 1925) is an American composer whose first opera, Tartuffe, has become one of the most popular operas written by an American. Skylight performed Tartuffe in 2007 and received critical acclaim by many, including the composer himself. Often called the Dean of American Choral Composers, Mr. Mechem has written an extensive list of compositions including choral and orchestral pieces.

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Who’s Who

Directors & Designers

Stage Director Dorothy Danner
Assistant Stage Director Bill Theisen
Music Directo Richard Carsey
Associate Music Director Jamie Johns
Set Design Lisa Schlenker
Costume Design Brian Hemesath
Lighting Design Kurt Schnabel


Character Actor
Lydia Larkspur Alicia Berneche
Mrs. Malaprop Diane Lane
Jack Absolute Christopher Burchett
Nicholas Astor Zach Borichevsky
Julia Katherine M. Pracht
Sir Anthony Absolute Robert Orth
Lucy Christine Robertson
Jasper Vanderbilt Matthew DiBattista
Baron von Hackenbock Andrew Wilkowske
Chorus Susan E. Wiedmeyer
Jill Anna Ponasik
Nathan Wesselowski
David Flores