Annual Report

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A Message from the Managing Director

Amy S. Jensen, Managing Director

Skylight Music Theatre was undoubtedly a top destination during the 2012-2013 season. Ticket sales topped $1.5 million – the highest ticket revenue in Skylight’s history. Thanks to the tremendous ticket sales, as well as the generous support from our individual, corporate and foundation donors, we are able to report a positive operating result for the fiscal year.

Several factors combined to create this amazingly successful season. First, Artistic Director Bill Theisen put together an amazing combination of shows for his ninth and final season with Skylight. Not only did the productions receive high critical acclaim, but the shows hit all of the right notes with our audience. Of the nearly 140 shows throughout the season, 50% were performed to sold out audiences.

A second factor contributing to this success was the rollout of a new strategic plan approved by the board in June 2012. We were extremely pleased with the response to a wide array of strategies implemented to increase revenues, grow our audience and expand our overall base of support.

Last season was also abuzz with the announcement of our new Artistic Director, Viswa Subbaraman. We planned several events to introduce him to the community last season and we have added many new opportunities to expand the conversation with our audience throughout the coming season. In addition to planning an exciting and innovative 2013-2014 season, he is launching a fun, monthly Opera 101 series and has created a new lecture series that will explore current issues such as the Arab Spring and the many parallels to our productions this season.

Our success this season would never have been possible without the staff, board members and countless volunteers behind the scenes working every day to make it happen. I would especially like to thank our dedicated and talented staff for making 2012-2013 such a success and for welcoming and supporting our new Artistic Director as we enter a new chapter at Skylight.

Without our wonderful donors and patrons, we would not be able to continue creating our outstanding productions or the important work in our local partner schools. We can’t you enough for your continued support each year.

We look forward to seeing you at the theatre!


Managing Director