Annual Gift Endowment

Your annual gift to Skylight Music Theatre is an important source of revenue for the company, and we are grateful for your support. You can ensure that the Skylight receives your annual gift, even after your lifetime, by remembering the Skylight in your estate plans.

These gifts are added to the Skylight’s permanent endowment fund, which is a perpetual source of income for the company. Endowment gifts are held and invested, unlike annual gifts that are used to cover immediate operating expenses. Only a portion of the income from the endowment is used each year (annual distributions may not exceed 5% of a five-year rolling average), so endowed gifts never stop growing.

The following shows you how to endow your annual gift, ensuring that your generous tradition of giving continues for generations to come.

  •  Annual Gift: $250 — Perpetuate with Endowment Gift: $5,000
  •  Annual Gift: $500 — Perpetuate with Endowment Gift: $10,000
  •  Annual Gift: $1,000 — Perpetuate with Endowment Gift: $20,000
  •  Annual Gift: $5,000 — Perpetuate with Endowment Gift: $100,000
  •  Annual Gift: $10,000 — Perpetuate with Endowment Gift: $200,000

These amounts are based on placing your gift in the permanent endowment fund and using 5% of your gift each year. To calculate, simply divide the amount of your current annual gift by the endowment distribution rate of 5%.

To learn more, contact our Development Director Jim Moore at 414-299-4962 or by email.