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Skylight Newsies Night 1 Highlights-62.jpg


Cast of Newsies , 19-20 Photo: Mark Frohna

Skylight Music Theatre is committed to its mission as a not-for-profit arts organization: “To bring the full spectrum of musical theatre works to a wide and diverse audience…”

As the state's largest employer of Wisconsin actors, Skylight gives over 100 performances each season, winning national praise for its excellence, versatility, and ensemble productions. Since 1999, Skylight has played a vital part in the education of Milwaukee students through its performing arts education program, Enlighten. 

But did you know our ticket sales from individuals and subscribers cover less than 50% of our annual expenses?

Your support is essential for us to continue bringing quality musicals to the Milwaukee art community and to reach more than 14,000 MPS students annually through our education program. 

Every gift is important – and we are grateful to each of our supporters! Please choose the level that is best suited for you and donate today!

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