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KidsWrites 2020-21: Time Capsule

To watch KidsWrites 2020-21: Time Capsule Click Here

KidsWrites is a music theatre revue that celebrates the hearts and minds of children with lyrics and dialogue written entirely by students in 3rd through 8th grade. KidsWrites is (usually) toured annually as a live performance to elementary and middle schools with local professional performers and an accompanist. Please take a moment to watch this video if you are not familiar with KidsWrites:

This year’s KidsWrites theme is 2020-21: Time Capsule. We are in a challenging and historic time. Now more than ever, children need their voices to be heard. They deserve space in which to express and process what they feel.

Time Capsule n. A sealed container preserving articles and records of contemporary culture for perusal by scientists and scholars of the distant future.

In our Time Capsule, the articles and records are the student writing, and the container is the show. The writing prompts center on the students’ experiences regarding current events, not limited to, but including such topics as the pandemic and how it has impacted their life, racial injustice, and the recent election. Though these topics may be challenging, we have crafted the prompts in a way that encourages students to find the hope and beauty in the world around them!

Writing School Request- Deadline Dec. 11, 2020

We are pleased to announce the opportunity for Milwaukee and Waukesha County School Districts to participate in Skylight Music Theatre’s KidsWrites writing program! This year we are bringing KidsWrites to classrooms virtually, which opens up the possibility to serve more students. Teachers and school administrators are invited to complete the form below to request a spot as a KidsWrites writing school.

Students participate in two (asynchronous and virtual this year) writing workshops where they learn about different forms of writing, storytelling, and music. During each workshop they are given time to write and are asked to submit 1-3 pieces. Around 30 pieces are selected from the thousands we receive to be transformed by a team of professional theatre artists into the annual KidsWrites revue comprised of student-written story and song. The show will be offered virtually this year to participating and non-participating schools as well as shared with the public.

We have a limited amount of space for new schools. If your school is not selected to participate this year you can request to be put on the wait list and receive access for your students to a virtual "field trip" to view KidsWrites 2019-20 Me, Myself, & I! Due to generous sponsorship, there is no cost to participate in the field trip or writing workshops. All workshops and virtual field trip dates can be scheduled flexibly between November 30 and December 18 to accommodate classroom needs during this challenging school year.

To be considered for a spot in the program, a teacher or administrator from the interested school should complete this form here by December 11th. Please note that submitting a request form does not guarantee a spot in the program. If you have any questions please email Education Manager, Amanda Marquardt at

NEW! Independent Student Submissions- Deadline December 31, 2020

Previously, student writers have had to be in participating classrooms in order to have their writing be considered for the show… but this year is special!

This year, any student who is in 3rd-8th grade can submit work to be considered for KidsWrites! Students do not need to attend a participating KidsWrites school.

Here is how to participate:

Dear Student Writers,

Step 1. Watch the video below

Step 2. Check out these examples of student work compared with the finished piece:


Step 3. Take a look at these writing prompts to get ideas going, but don’t feel limited by them. If you are feeling inspired follow your own creative path. WRITING PROMPT PDF

Step 4. Write! Write! Write! You may write poems, song lyrics, stories, short scenes, really any form of words on a page, hand-written or typed. Each student writer may submit up to 3 pieces.

Step 5. Fill out the form below with a parent or guardian and upload your brilliant writing!

The submission deadline is 12/31/2020

Student writers with pieces that have been selected to be included in the show will be notified by 1/15/2021

Email Amanda Marquardt, Education Manager, with any questions or for further information.

If selected, we may want to celebrate your student’s accomplishment by sharing their likeness! If you would like a photo of your student to be included in their submission, please upload their photo below and check the box to confirm authorization of Skylight Music Theatre’s use of the image.

Please upload as a PDF, JPG or DOC

I understand that if selected, my student’s writing will be included in a theatrical performance intended to be shared with the public and that the video segments that includes their written words may be posted on Skylight Music Theatre’s website, social media pages, or produced in other digital formats.
I authorize Skylight Music Theatre, or anyone authorized by Skylight Music Theatre, to use and reproduce my child’s writing without compensation to me or my student. All such writings and recordings shall be the property of Skylight Music Theatre and I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished content.