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American Sign Language-Interpreted Performances

Skylight Music Theatre offers American Sign Language interpreted performances working with a team of licensed and certified sign language interpreters. 

The following are ASL performance dates in Skylight's 2023-2024 season:

School of Rock: 12/7 

Xanadu: 2/8

From Here to Eternity: 5/2

ASL interpreters are located near the stage for patrons who are deaf or hard of hearing, seated in an area of the theater that gives the best sight lines to follow the interpretation and the action on stage.

To attend an ASL performance, please call Skylight Music Theatre’s Box Office at (414) 291-7800 or email Mention ASL performance for seating in the appropriate section. Support for ASL performances provided by UPAF Connect.

Sensory Inclusive Performances

Inclusive Performances

School of Rock 12/19

To give all a professional theatre experience, we have inclusive performances which modify the environment and some typical theatre guidelines to accommodate individuals with a variety of sensitivities.

Inclusive Performances embrace the concepts of Universal Design with the ultimate goal of creating a shared experience for an audience, regardless of one’s abilities.

These shows are designed to serve any person with a physical, emotional, intellectual, or developmental disability and those who support them.

Inclusive Performances are designed and modified to address the sensory sensitivities that are often found in individuals who have a variety of diagnoses including (but not limited to) autism, sensory processing disorder, ADD/ADHD, intellectual or developmental disabilities, post-traumatic stress disorder, and dementia.


Accommodations include:

  • Lights inside the theater remain on, but dimmed low

  • Consistent and comfortable sound levels (elimination of loud sound effects)

  • Individuals are free to talk and leave their seat under supervision

  • “Activity Area” and “Quiet Area” where individuals may choose to take a break from the performance

  • You may bring your own snacks and drinks


The most minimal changes will be made to ensure the comfort of this audience. All in all, most theater-goers would not be able to tell that a show has been modified. In addition to content, the amplified audio levels will be tuned to be comfortable and consistent levels, without abrupt spikes in volume or jarring sound effects.

Parents, teachers and support persons are responsible for direct supervision.

Email with any questions

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