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Skylight Staff

Administrative and Artistic 

SK SQ.png

Susan Varela

Executive Director

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Michael Unger

Artistic Director

Fun Fact: Michael appears in Michael Jackson’s “Bad” video – helping him with his homework on the train as he travels from boarding school to New York City.

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Sharon Rise

Director of Development

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Meghan Boyle

Director of Marketing

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Stacy Tatum

Director of Finance

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Fred Diggins

Education Manager

Fun Fact: Won an award in Dublin, Ireland for acting

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Christopher Johnston

IT/Database Manager

Fun Fact: Manages this website

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Michael Lorenz

Orchestra Contractor

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Alexis Cimoch

Education Associate

Box Office

For ticketing inquiries, contact the box office at (414) 291-7800 or

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Kelley Arlt

Box Office Manager

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Maureen Kailhofer

Box Office Show Supervisor

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Rylee Zuniga

Box Office Show Supervisor

Fun Fact: I ran into Batman at a J-Pop concert in Milwaukee.


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Matthew Curtis

Director of Production and Facilities

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Jeanne Schrank

Director of Costumes

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Simone Tegge

Properties Supervisor

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Jack W. Purves

Cabot Audio/Video Supervisor

Fun Fact: I used to perform as the mascot for UW-Parkside.

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Dovie Hughes

Swing Technician

Fun Fact: Enjoys gardening and learning about native ecology.

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Carly Coldren

Wardrobe Supervisor

Fun Fact: I love collecting silly earrings!

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Islay Reed

Scene Shop Supervisor/Fleet Manager

Fun Fact: Loves refinishing old furniture, the perfect mix of sustainability and creativity.

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Anthony Metz

Studio Theatre Audio / Video Supervisor

Fun Fact: Loves anything to do with bikes, mountain bikes, dirt bikes, street bikes you name it.

Box Office Staff


Anna Mikula

Audwin Short

Zed Waeltz

Deanne Walter

Sian Whitney

House Managers

Lead House Manager

Mara Grigg

Assistant House Managers

Sandi Lash

Oakley Mertes

Nate Press

Cat Sadler

Zed Waeltz

Dawn Wenszell

Wesley Yaroch

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