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Ticket Donation Requests

Cast of Annie , 17-18, Photo: Mark Frohna

Skylight is pleased to support local schools, theaters, and other non-profit community organizations by donating tickets for charity auctions and other fundraising events. Typically, we provide a certificate good for two tickets to a mainstage performance; the tickets must be used within the specified performance season.

We receive many requests for support each year, and while we try, we are unable to fulfill all requests.

Since we can’t grant every request, we’ve outlined our guidelines:

  • Arts organizations

  • Education organizations (including schools that bring student groups to Skylight)

  • Social Service organizations

  • Health organizations

  • Animal welfare organizations

  • Sponsors of Skylight Music Theatre who are raising funds for other 501(c)(3) organizations.

We can donate only once per year to your group.

  • We are not able to make donations that benefit a specific religious or political organization.

  • Donations are not able to be made that benefit a specific individual or family.

  • Donations are limited to fundraising events only; we do not provide door prizes or monetary donations.

  • Skylight Music Theatre will only consider ticket donation requests made two months before the donation is needed for the event.

To make your ticket donation request for your event, please fill out the downloadable form and email to

Click here for the form

Thank you for your interest in Skylight Music Theatre!

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