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Skylight Newsies Night 1 Highlights-62.jpg

Skylight Enlighten

Cast of Newsies , 19-20 Photo: Mark Frohna

Skylight Enlighten Mission:

To INSTILL an appreciation for the arts, 

DEVELOP future audience members, 

ENCOURAGE and GUIDE aspiring young artists, 

and ESTABLISH arts education as a vital component of a well-rounded curriculum 

Skylight Music Theatre’s Education Department ENLIGHTEN program strives to promote creativity, inclusion, and education through Musical Theatre. The ENLIGHTEN program connects with various Milwaukee Public Schools and local Community Organizations. Our programs are designed to inspire, empower, and ENLIGHTEN youth in our community.


The ENLIGHTEN program is known for our following programs: KIDSWrites, Skylight Songbook, TEENWrites, Musical Theatre Residency, Student Matinees, and the High School Musical Celebration. Although we specialize in Musical Theatre, we also provide outreach programs that help teach creative writing and storytelling.


If you are interested in participating in one of our programs or for more information about the Skylight Music Theatre Enlighten Program, please contact the Education Manager, Fred Diggins @  

Click below to read the interview between our Education Manager - Fred Diggins, and one of our teaching Artists - Marion Frank




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