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2024-2025 SEASON


October 4 - 27, 2024 

Book by Jessie Nelson  

Music and Lyrics by Sara Bareilles  

Based upon the motion picture written by Adrienne Shelly

Waitress Logo.png

Brought to life on Broadway by a groundbreaking, all-female creative team, Waitress features original music and lyrics by six-time Grammy nominee Sara Bareilles ("Brave,""Love Song"), and a book by acclaimed screenwriter Jessie Nelson. Nominated for four Tony Awards (including Best Musical), Waitress is inspired by Adrienne Shelly's beloved film and offers a special recipe for finding happiness in unexpected places. Jenna, a waitress and expert pie maker, is stuck in a small town and a loveless marriage. Supported by her quirky crew of fellow waitresses and loyal customers, Jenna summons the secret ingredient she's been missing all along — courage. 

Recommended for ages 13 and up. 


November 15 – December 29, 2024 

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Lionel Bart 

Freely adapted from Charles Dickens' 'Oliver Twist' 

Oliver Logo.png

Consider yourself at home with Lionel Bart's classic musical based on the Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist. The Tony and Olivier Award-winning show is one of the few musicals to also win an Academy Award for Best Picture. The streets of Victorian England come to life as Oliver, a malnourished orphan in a workhouse, escapes to London and finds acceptance amongst a group of petty thieves and pickpockets led by the elderly Fagin. Oliver! is a musical theatre masterpiece, perfectly showcasing the talents of a large ensemble cast, including two dozen local youth performers, to bring these classic characters and score to life. 

Recommended for ages 8 and up. 

Juliet And Romeo

January 17 – February 2, 2025 

Book by Paul Gordon  

Music and Lyrics by Paul Gordon and Curtis Moore 

Juliet and Romeo Logo.png

In this delightful and hilarious re-imagining, Bloom is a community theatre director and failed novelist currently directing a mediocre production of Romeo and Juliet. But when the ghost of Shakespeare turns up, Bloom insults him by criticizing the ending to his greatest tragedy. Bloom tells The Bard he could write it better, resulting in an unexpected twist from Shakespeare, who sends Bloom INTO the play. Once inside, as Bloom tries to “improve” the ending from within, he must navigate the twists and turns of the plot all while trying to fit in with the renowned fictional characters we all know and love. But once Bloom meets Juliet, his plans unravel as he falls for her and risks changing the story, past and present, in ways no one expected. 

Recommended for ages 11 and up. 

Frankenstein: The Musical

February 21 – March 9, 2025 

Music by Mark Baron 

Book and Lyrics by Jeffrey Jackson 

Original Story Adaptation by Gary P. Cohen 

Frankenstein logo.png

Frankenstein: The Musical tells the timeless, cautionary tale of Victor Frankenstein, whose noble dreams of grandeur unleash a litany of terror and tragedy. In this stage adaptation, authors Mark Baron and Jeffrey Jackson have sought to create a work that is uniquely faithful to Mary Shelley’s original novel while offering a bold, new experience for modern theater audiences. Forget all you have seen in the movies—this is not a Hollywood scare-fest populated by lumbering ghouls and wild-eyed maniacs. This is Mary Shelley’s original, brilliant, romantic terror—a dark vision of what lies at the depths of the human soul and what happens when its full power is unleashed. 

Recommended for ages 12 and up. 

Sister Act

April 4– 27, 2025 

Music by Alan Menken  

Lyrics by Glenn Slater  

Book by Cheri Steinkellner & Bill Steinkellner

Additional Book Material Douglas Carter Bean  

Based on the Touchstone Pictures Motion Picture written by Joseph Howard 

Sister Act Logo.png

Come REJOICE with us as we close our 65th season. This story, as are all the stories in our 65th Season, is about transformation. Everyone evolves in unexpected ways by revolving around nightclub singer-turned-postulate, Ms. Delores Van Cartier. But perhaps the biggest transformation is Delores herself. Her goals move from self to selflessness as she becomes the inspiration to a community that needs it in more ways than anyone realizes. The joyful noise that is Sister Act will lift spirits, hearts, and copious amounts of laughter as this hit film turned hit musical graces the Cabot stage for the first time.


Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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