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Frankenstein: The Musical

Frankenstein: The Musical

Feb. 21 – March 9, 2025

Music by Mark Baron

Book and Lyrics by Jeffrey Jackson

Original Story Adaptation by Gary P. Cohen

Forget all you have seen in the movies—this is not a Hollywood scare-fest populated by lumbering ghouls and wild-eyed maniacs. This is Mary Shelley’s original, brilliant, romantic terror—a dark vision of what lies at the depths of the human soul and what happens when its full power is unleashed.

Frankenstein: The Musical tells the timeless, cautionary tale of Victor Frankenstein, whose obsession with “advancing” technology unleashes a litany of terror and tragedy. In this stage adaptation, authors Mark Baron and Jeffrey Jackson explore the great promise and grave pitfalls of Discovery, in a work that is uniquely faithful to Mary Shelley’s original novel. Skylight promises a bold, new perspective on this classic text for modern theater audiences.

Recommended for ages 12 and up.

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